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Good morning Year 2,


Did you have a good day yesterday? laugh


Please watch my Maths video below which will help you with your EMA. The focus for our EMA's this week is column addition - carrying 10! Your EMA is below the video laugh.



Good luck everyone! laugh

EMA - Column Addition > Carrying 10!

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Use my EMA teaching video to help you to work out the answers using the column addition > carrying 10 method laugh 


66+ 45 = 


73 + 38 = 


84 + 27 = 


91 + 39 = 

Maths Challenges!


Use the games below to help you with your Maths learning laughyes









Spellings Week 6

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A fun, animated guide to the rules for adding the suffixes 'er', 'ing', 'ed', 'est' and 'y'.

                                                        Spelling Activities


Your spelling test:


Ask an a adult to test you on today's spellings, good luck everyone laugh





Remember to keep practising your handwriting too! 







laughAfternoon Activity...


Good afternoon Year 2,  


I'd like you to do a little more research on nocturnal animals this afternoon, have a look at the video below to find out some more facts:


Click here:


Use this website to read a non-fiction text about nocturnal animals too:


Click here:


In your exercise book can you complete an activity like the one below:




Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  

Keep smiling laugh


Love from 

Mrs Jones 


Missy's Caterpillars!

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This made me smile :)

Still image for this video
A wonderful reading den! Well done X

A pirate joke!

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Brilliant! I love this! Well done! x

Happy Birthday!

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating!

Stay Safe Year 2


Wonderful work!

What an amazing leaflet - I'm super proud of you!
What beautiful writing - so proud of you!
Working hard - I'm proud of you!
Delicious cake making!
A wonderful information leaflet!
A brilliant rainforest poster!
A fantastic rainforest poster...
... nearly as big as your rug!
Concentrating - well done :)
Excellent drawing
Great Geography learning
Fantastic facts
A brilliant information leaflet! I'm very proud!
Great Easter story writing!
A wonderful chimpanzee picture!
A brilliant R.E comic strip!
6 times table work! WOW!
WOWEE! Great pirate learning!
Wonderful writing!
A healthy menu!
Scary pirate picture!
Great drawing!
Siblings joining in too!
A Pirate Code!
A wicked Captain!
Great time learning!
A great picture!
A brilliant ship!
Super face pulling!
A fab pirate ship!
I love the shark!
A great pirate ship!
Fantastic writing!
Great time work!
Great work!
A fabulous pirate ship!
Fantastic Maths skills!
Great pirate problem solving
A fab WANTED poster
Great writing
Super writing
An amazing pirate map!
Fabulous writing!
A lovely flag!
A perfect poster!
Brilliant writing!
Impressive bunting!
Great maths work!
A fabulous message in a bottle!
A great drawing!
Another fabulous message in a bottle!
A super book review!
Great reading!
A cosy reading area!
Great decorations!
A fun VE Day for you!
Delicious BBQ!
Great baking skills!
Lovely drawing!
A lovely poster!
A cosy reading den!
A great story recount!
Wonderful think and thanks
A fabulous friendship recipe!
Great learning!
Matthew collecting worms at Lymm Dam :)
Stunning artwork Bella!

Showing Kindness towards others

Making craft eggs for the elderly, what a star!

Super work Year 2!

Year 2 at home!

Year 2 PE at home!