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Friday 27th March


Good Morning Reception

I hope you managed to enjoy a little bit of the sunshine yesterday.smiley

Your challenge for this morning is to read 'Jack and the beanstalk' again and use your ideas from yesterday to write sentences about the giant.

Don't forget to use a capital letter at the start of your sentence, finger spaces and a full stop at the end. Get out your imaginary toolbox to help you include some of the other writing tools like conjunctions (and, because). Don't forget your best writingyeswink


Good afternoon Reception          27th March

It is spring time and hopefully the Easter bunny will visit us soon.

I would like you to find out about spring.

What happens in spring?

What do the animals and plants do?

What is the weather like? 

You could even draw a spring time picture in your book and label it if you like.

There are lots of spring songs and videos on you tube. Top marks have  some spring facts and I have included a ppt below for your adult to talk to you about.

Good Luck yes

I will be back on Monday with some more challenges for you.

Missing you all lots and lotsheart

Stay safe and be good wink

Thursday 26th March


Good morning Reception


I hope you are all safe and well and you are being good for your adult at home.yes 


Thank you so much for sending in photo's and pictures of your work so far. I am very proud and impressed.yes heart


For the challenge this morning I would like you to ask your adult to read the story of  'Jack and The beanstalk' and think about the giant in the story.


 We have been working in class on writing descriptions of characters and I would like you to write down a list of words to describe the giant. Please draw and label the giant (in your red book) with words to describe what he looks like (e.g. tall, thin, short, brown hair) and how he behaves (mean, bossy, angry etc)

Parents if you do not have a copy at home then you can use the  link below or you can get the story from you tube. 

Good luck and don't forget your beautiful handwriting.yeswink

Good afternoon Reception
Don't forget to get some exercise and a bit of fresh air. If you can you could go into your garden and do some star jumps, jogging on the spot and hopping. If not open your windows and dance to one of our favourite songs on the radio or you tube. Maybe you could get your adults to put on 'Body Bop' and they can join in dance along with you. 

Afternoon Challenge

Over the last few days in school the children have been making rainbows of hope to put in their windows.

Can you make a rainbow?

You could use pencils, felts, paint, ribbons or tissue paper.

If you would like to send me some pictures of your creations I would love to see them. heartyes

Ask your parents to send them to:

Don't forget to put your rainbow in your window.yes

Have a lovely afternoon

Mrs Martinheartblush


Wednesday 25th March


                              Good Morning Reception smiley


 I hope you are still smiling and having fun. yessmiley


Today I would like you to work on your phonics. You can listen to the tricky word songs on you tube and watch alpha blocks to help you with your blending. In your packs you have some word building and caption/sentence writing sheets

(depending on the group you are in).

Please complete one of them either on the sheet or in your red book. Remember to work on reading and writing your sounds and tricky words using your sounds mat and list in your pack. 

Good Luckyesheart




                              Good Afternoon Reception 


The sun has continued to shine for us and brighten up the day a little.  Hopefully you have manged to enjoy a bit of the sunshine in your garden. yes   If  not don't forget you need plenty of exercise so maybe dance to 'shake your sillies out' on You tube or dance along to your favourite song. 

Afternoon Activity

This afternoon I would like you to go on a sound walk around your house and in your garden.

What sounds can you hear? 

What is making the sound?

Missing you allheart 

Keep safe smiley