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15th January 2021



Good morning Year 6!  Thank you for all the sensational sentences you sent me yesterday.  I was spoilt for choice when I used some of your work to create my descriptive passage.  You will have to see if you recognise any of your work!


 Don't forget our Zoom session each day at 1:45pm.  Spelling test will be included.  Get on Spelling Shed to practise the suffix 'ful'.


I would also like you to add to your Lockdown diary today.  How has it been learning remotely for this past week?  


Remember, send me pictures of your work to my email address if you are not uploading to Google Classroom:




Friday's EMA answers and explanations

Still image for this video

Maths Main Lesson


Today I have set an arithmetic test.  

Obviously, this is slightly different to how we would complete these arithmetics in school.  If you want to compare your score, then give yourself 20 minutes to complete it.  

Think carefully about all of our methods and read the questions very carefully.


There are 2 assignments set.

1.  Percentages of a quantity.

2.  Add unlike mixed fractions.

We are moving on to fractions again next week.  Remember Mathletics always wants you to simplify your answer!

 Rose Blanche

Some amazing descriptive sentences produced yesterday!

I have stolen some of your sentences to help me create my descriptive paragraph as an example for today's work.  Can you spot any of your phrases or words?


Today, I would like you to use your sentences to begin constructing a paragraph.  Imagine that it is the text that would accompany the picture in the book.  If you only produced a few sentences yesterday, then you may need to write some more.  I took 10 of your sentences and adapted them so that they would flow on from each other.  You may have to change bits of your sentences or add extra sentences to link  them.    Notice that I have got a question in, longer sentences that use commas and a shorter sentence.  I have managed to steal a couple of semi colons from your work too!  I look forward to reading your work. 👩🏻

Miss Forrester’s Descriptive Passage


Gunshots rang out in the distance with not a single piece of green to illuminate the uninviting land.  An impenetrable cloud of smog concealed the secrets of the almost lifeless forest.  Barbed wire barricades everywhere.  Tank tracks stained the floor with wet, rusty impressions and ammunition from a once loaded gun covered the ground.  Fatigued soldiers paraded the area, armed with heavy weapons.  Whose side were they on?  Seeking the Jews, Rose dropped the bag of food; they were nowhere to be found.  Fragile as a piece of glass, Rose stood.  A small breeze came by making her hair dance.  All the happiness was long gone; a single blue flower was the only sign of joy and as delicate as anything, it left a splash of colour. 



Our Spellings this week all include the suffix 'ful'.   By adding 'ful' to the end of the noun, it becomes a verb.  

If the root word ends in 'y', you exchange the y for an i, e.g.

mercy = merci+ful = merciful

plenty = plenti +ful = plentiful


If the root word does not end in a 'y', you just add the suffix 'ful' on the end, e.g.

thank = thankful

fear = fearful


Make sure that you go on Spelling Shed to practise your spellings.