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Great Fire of London

Freddy Fit: 


Freddy Fit came in during the first week of school to teach us all how to remain fit and healthy in the New Year. We know that it is really important to eat our fruit and vegetables, drink lots of water and exercise every day. 

Chester Zoo


We have all probably had the most exciting beginning of the term this year! On the full week of the term, we all travelled to Chester Zoo to visit lots of animals (and their babies) we all enjoyed this so much, especially the lions and the elephants. Take a look at all the photos of our fabulous day, and look how tired we all were at the end of it; can you believe we did 11,000 steps that day? 

Fire Engines


Our new and exciting history topic this half-term is the Great Fire of London, because of this the Salford Fire Department very kindly came to visit us in school to teach us about what has changed in the fire service since 1666. We had lots of fun trying on their clothes, spraying water on the field and asking them lots of interesting questions. 

Forest School 


We have had a morning in Forest School, learning about the damage caused to the environment if we are to litter. We have also been making a 'garden of dreams' in class, thinking about what we would put in the best garden in the world. We designed our gardens from a birdseye point of view and then made them as a group. This activity inspired some children to become architects in class, they want to do a similar thing but with buildings! 



Check out our Great Fire of London artwork, these are too good not to share!