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There is a slide presentation to read first but some of the features may not work fully as I am not sure how well the PowerPoint will work in Google Classroom. Read as much as you can to refresh yourselves about the different ways we use adverbs. Remember they MODIFY a VERB. This means they give extra detail about the verb. I have also attached a you tube clip which explains adverbs too. Enjoy x


The work is here and the PowerPoint and you tube clip are below.




There are FOUR tasks to complete.  You need to use the underline tool and the highlight tool.

Task 1.  Underline the adverbs in the sentences.

  1. My family and I ofter visit the south of France in the summer holidays.

  2. “You’ll have to wait outside,” advised the shopkeeper.

  3. It started to hail. Consequently, the garden party was cancelled.

  4. Marlon and his friends can’t wait to go sailing today.

  5. “Does anyone live here?” questioned Tom curiously.

Task 2 - Use an adverb in the gaps, to complete the sentences.

  1. “Shall we go               and get some ice cream?” suggested Anita.

  2. Millie                           orders scoops of raspberry ripple and mint chocolate chip.

  3. Ranjit ordered                          Jane asked for the sundae menu.

Task 3 - Highlight the adverbs that show a place or where the verb is happening. Hint - only one sentence uses a place adverb!

  1. The teacher sent the children inside because they had been fighting.

  2. Asha asked me if I would like to go swimming or cycling tomorrow.

  3. The friendly, old lady waved cheerfully at the smiling, little boy.


Task 4 - Write a sentence using each of these adverbs:


upstairs never daily therefore






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