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Autumn 2 - Extreme Earth

Extreme Earth

This half term we will be studying Our Extreme EarthWe will be looking at the causes and effects of earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and volcanoes.  🌋⛈🌤🌩❄🌊

17th December 2020

Christmas Party!


Balloon relay

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Blow The Snowball

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Tuesday 15th December 2020

To bring our science topic of Staying Alive to an end, the children made healthy bread bun pizzas.  Instead of high fatty foods like pepperoni, we chose healthier alternatives such as grilled chicken or ham.  They chopped, grated and sliced all of the ingredients and were able to choose their own toppings.  They tasted delicious! 😋  


Dazzling Darren's Magic Show


Click on the link below to take you to the recording of this morning's magic show.

Take a look at Harry's home learning challenge!  Fantastic work Harry! 👍


A fantastic home learning challenge by Khloe.  Read all about tsunamis, volcanoes and earthquakes. 👍🌋🌊



Using cocktail sticks and marshmallows, the children built structures to see how they would react in an earthquake.  We placed marbles between 2 large books and used elastic bands to keep the books together.  Shaking the books created an earthquake effect!


Grace has made a great model of a volcano for her home learning challenge.  Great work!
After watching Mr Wright's assembly, the children reflected and thought about how they could lighten up their loved ones lives.  I am so proud!  These are beautiful!  ❤😍💖
Nicola has made a 3D model of a volcano for her home learning challenge.  Fantastic work! 👍✨ 

Tuesday 10th November 2020


Heart Dissection!

We had a great time this afternoon dissecting hearts.  We were able to locate the right and left atrium and right and left ventricles.

Tuesday 3rd November


Exactly what is inside blood?

Using marshmallows (white blood cells), Cheerios (red blood cells), salt and yellow food colouring (plasma) and art eggs (platelets) the children created a bottle of blood! 😃

Monday 2nd November 2020


To begin our Extreme Earth topic we looked inside the Earth.  Using play dough, the children made models of the Earth and then sliced them in half to see the 4 layers inside.  Everyone did really well and the models looked super!