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Autumn 2


On 1st December, Eggnog the Elf was officially able to leave elf isolation and has spent the week settling into nursery.  During that time he has changed his outfit several times and moved around the nursery, getting into many different places. 

He has also received the wonderful news that world wide travel to and from the North Pole will be allowed in the days leading up to Christmas. 

We have also had word that because of his advancing years, Father Christmas has been among the first over 90 year olds to receive the Pfizer Vaccine and is now protected for at least 90 days!  This will mean that Christmas for children all around the world will be as wonderful and magical as ever.  It also means that Father Christmas will be able to take his annual well earned holiday to Benidorm in February!


Today we received a very exciting parcel.  The postmark said 'The Arctic Circle, Central Post Office'.  It was a brown box with silver tape on it.

When we opened it, we thought it must have come from Amazon because the box was filled with paper and was far too big for the object inside. 

There was a large glowing jar filled with silver sparkles. Imagine our excitement when we looked closely at the jar and noticed someone peeping out at us. 

On the outside of the jar was a label and printed on it was a very important message. 

It said - 

Very important information! 

Elf in self-isolation. 

Do not open until 1st December 2020. 

Poor Eggnog the Elf has been traveling from overseas, in his jar, since Tuesday!  He now has to isolate for the next 11 days (he's already done 3 days in the post). As there are a large number of Elves traveling around the world at the moment it seems The North Pole has been removed from the government's travel corridor!  It is hoped that this restriction will be lifted in time for 24th December!   

Until then we will look forward to Eggnog's release from quarantine and can only imagine the mischief he will get up to once he finds the water tray and glitter! 


Today we have been making patterns using red and green apples.  We started by practicing matching the apples to patterns on mats.  Then we made our own 2-way repeating patterns.


We have been learning to mix our own paint.  It was very messy, but very good fun.


This week we have been focusing on numbers.  We have been practicing number recognition to 5 and 10.  We are also practicing counting objects accurately and counting out a number of objects from a larger set.

Welcome back!


I hope you have had a lovely half term break. It was certainly damp, but I hope you were able to make the most of the excitement of Halloween as I did. 

We have a busy half term planned, starting with this week when we will be learning about Autumn and traditional Autumn celebrations.

I have attached our Topic plan for the next week and I have also given the children a paper copy for your reference. 


Thank you for your brilliant response to our Nursery Rhyme Homework.  The children all seem very enthusiastic about the Nursery Rhymes they have worked on so far and sing them with great enthusiasm. 


Nursery Rhyme Books are collected on Tuesday for re-distribution on Friday.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Jones smiley