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Autumn 1 - The Mysterious Maya

This half term we will be learning all about the Maya.  We will travel back in time to AD 200 to find out about the Classic Maya period, look at which part of the world the Maya lived in and find out about their everyday lives.

Through our whole class Guided Reading we will be studying the book The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q. Raúf


Home Learning Challenges

Have a look at some of the brilliant home learning challenges produced by Finn, Mia, Aimee, Evie and Nellie-Anne.

Thursday 23rd September

After researching how the Maya God's created beings, we had a go to see how successful mud, wood and corn paste would be.

Tuesday 28th September 

The children created branching diagrams to  identify 10 different creatures.  

30th September 2021

Are the algebra calculations true or false?  The children are loving our new algebra unit in maths!

1st October 2021

Creating plans for our text based adventure games.  

8th October 2021


How Useful are Microorganisms?


In science, we have looked at the positive and negative impacts of some microorganisms.  Today, we used the microorganism yeast to help us bake some bread.  After making the dough, the children made sure that they kneaded their dough for at least 10 minutes.  We left the dough to prove for an hour and the warm temperature in the classroom certainly helped the yeast get to work.  The dough more than doubled in size!  

Monday 18th October 2021


Adrian Bowden visited school today and taught us all about different forces; magnetism, friction, push and pull, air resistance and buoyancy. 

21st October 2021

After researching all about Maya masks and when they were worn, the children designed their own.  They evaluated their completed designs and thought about what they liked and what they would change.

How fab do they look!  

22nd October 2021

STEM Day at St Peter's CE

Each class was tasked with the challenge to create an environmentally friendly vehicle.  In class, we thought about all the 'green' methods of getting from one place to another: bicycle, walking, hot air balloon, rowing boat, sail boat, hang glider etc.  As well as powering our vehicle with wind, we used all recycled materials to create the finished vehicle.  Some people were certainly better at blowing up the balloons to others! 


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