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Autumn 1


Mrs Lowe and I have spent the week (doorstep) visiting our lovely new families.  We have also had the pleasure of welcoming them into our nursery for a transition visit before the children start nursery on Monday.  Thank you to all our new families for their patience and understanding as we welcome the children into nursery during this strange time.  It has been very different for us too but I am sure things will continue to go smoothly as the children begin their new chapter at St Peter's!

Mrs Jones


The children have now spent two half days in nursery and have been busy investigating their new surroundings.  They have also been engaging in group focused activities learning nursery rhymes and number rhymes, listening to stories, joining in circle times and enjoying snack time.  Sitting down for focused activities can be tricky but the children are all trying very hard and are settling beautifully.  Mrs Lowe and I feel very proud and we are very excited to spend the next school year with our new class! smiley